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Do And Don’ts Eat After Practicing Gym

When completing the gym, your muscles will be exhausted available glycogen. At this time, the muscle cells are extremely vulnerable. This article will introduce you nutritious foods that the guys need to work best for each training session.

Many bodybuilders find muscle not be strong, sometimes it even becomes smaller. One of the common reasons is because you have not properly nutritional supplements after each exercise. Therefore, you must ensure a reasonable diet in order to reach your desired body shape.

Below are advantageous foods for bodybuilders

  • Coffee

Using coffee for an hour before a workout will be very good, giving you a breakthrough in training from the first minutes of practicing. But you do not overdo it because you will become dehydrated if using too much caffeine.

  • Egg

The body is easy to absorb the egg’s protein. Despite being bad impression because the yolk contains cholesterol, eggs have the greatest impact on your health.

  • Snickers

Snickers is only a last resort if you do not prepare any other foods. Snickers is the best way to increase power and popularity when you’re out and before entering the gym.

  • Turkey

It is a lean meat in all kinds of meat, which have high levels of niacin and vitamin B6, will support the food you eat for energy absorption. It also helps to improve mood and your sleep.

  • The Nuts

Almonds, pecans, cashews, and walnuts are the nuts containing healthy fats, fiber, protein, vitamins and highest minerals to support metabolism and energy. A small spoonful of peanut is enough to increase energy.


How To Choose A Good Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag is one of the indispensible items that you should not forget to bring when going camping overnight. While most of the backpacks just concentrate on how to minimize the weight, sleeping bags for camp much concern about the comfort for the users. It cannot be deniable that thanks to a good sleeping bag, you can enjoy a good sleep at the forest or somewhere else in the camping areas.

The problem here is that how to select a good sleeping bag for you when there are hundreds of types of sleeping bags in the market with different sizes, designs, prices and features. Let read the sleeping bags reviews at to get more detailed information about the features that you should look for when purchasing a sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Temperature

When sleeping in the forest at night, you may suffer from the cold and strong wind; therefore, a sleeping bag should have the feature to maintain the warmth for your body. Actually, the temperature can be identified by the temperature rating of a sleeping bag.

You can see the lowest temperature at which the bag can keep the users warm. When a bag is labeled 20 degree, it means that the users can be remained comfortable if the temperature doesn’t drop under 20°F. Thanks to this feature, the users can avoid the cold weather outside and be more active in keeping warmth for the body.

A majority of the sleeping bags have the temperature ranging from +15°F to+50°F. It is suggested that you should make a choice of a sleeping bag which has the temperature rating a little lower than the lowest expected temperature.