The Most Important Notes For Using A Trampoline

In terms of using a trampoline safely, you will need to pay attention to all the parts and all the things around. In fact, people still play with the trampoline normally. However, there are some unfortunate accidents which happen when the players lose their attention. Even with a Best trampoline of safety you will still feel unconfident to play with it.

Don’t worry! In this article, I will tell you more valuable notes before, during and after trampolining. I hope that you will find them all useful.

Dos And Don’ts In Using A Trampoline

When it comes to using a trampoline at home or in a trampoline park, you will have to keep in mind all the dos and don’ts as bellows.

  • Dos

  • Have supervisors when you play with the trampoline for the first time
  • Make sure that the trampoline is secured with fences and cushion layers
  • Ensure that the number of trampoline players does not excess the allowed figures
  • Just play for 10 minutes continuously
  • Have some break after each time playing
  • Drink water when you have break and remember to remove all the sweat with a towel
  • Remove all the loose clothes that can tie your hands and legs when you are trampolining
  • Follow all the rules of playing with a trampoline

  • Don’ts

  • Play trampoline with too many people (often only one person is allowed)
  • Hold objects when you play with the trampoline
  • Drink alcohol or take drugs before trampolining
  • Flip on the trampoline
  • Stretch your limbs when you go down from the high air
  • Stand and jump from the edges of the trampoline
  • Wear caps when trampolining
  • Jump and bounce too high in the air

These are some notes you need to keep in mind when you use the trampoline. You know there are a lot of accidents that can happen when you are playing with the trampoline even though you have preventive equipment.

Before You Trampoline

Before you trampoline, you will have to prepare things and also have to ensure the safety for yourselves. Here, you can consult in more details.

  • Check The Sturdiness Of The Trampoline

It is extremely important to check the sturdiness of the trampoline one more time to ensure that all the parts are in good conditions. If you have left the trampoline in the garden corner for too long, please remember to assemble it and test the quality of all the parts.

  • Wear Tight Clothes

As said above, you need to avoid wearing loose clothes on the grounds that it will keep your hands and legs and you will not be able to control your limbs. You had better prepare some tight clothes.

Of course, the clothes should not be too tight. These clothes will help you jump and stretch your arms and legs conveniently.

  • Do Stretching Exercises

Before trampolining – also like before playing sports, you ought to some stretching exercises in order to make your bodies get used to stretching muscles. Your muscles will be hurt if you do not stretch them before playing with the trampoline.

After Playing With Trampoline

After playing with the trampoline, you will have to follow some tips bellow in order to keep your health good.

  • Sit Down And Take Deep Breath

After trampolining, your bodies will be in the condition of high blood pressure and you will feel tired. Therefore, you will need to take a break and relax. It is better to sit down and take a deep breath until your heartbeat is normal.

  • Drink Water And Eat Some Food

I am sure that after trampolining, you will feel thirsty and hungry on the grounds that trampolining burns your calories. It means that it consumes your energy. At that time, your bodies will lack energy so you have to provide your bodies with some more food and remember to drink some water.


As you can see using a trampoline in a proper way is not simple. You need to learn deeply about this and you will have to understand the trampoline. I believe that you will get lots of useful tips from this post. In the next article, I will provide you more details about assembling and maintaining the trampoline.

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