3 Things To Know When Choosing The Speakers For Cars

When choosing the car speakers black friday and making installation on the car stereo, the individuals should consider factors such as the size of the speakers, drum, power, filters and bass enhanced mode to generate the right kind of bass you want.

Dimensions Of Car Speaker

In fact, the size of the subwoofer you choose is largely a practical matter, mainly depending on the amount of space you can use in your car. If you like music, “stamping” the maximum, you can choose the biggest subwoofers to allow space vehicles. But if space is limited, or to maximize remaining space for luggage, when installing a subwoofer as small as 8 inches, you can also enjoy the bass (bass) strong, deep and feel satisfied.

In terms of performance, generally a car speaker with “cone” can detect larger deeper bass speakers with a small taper, as this may move more air. However, many people still argued that the differences are clear to some extent and also really depends on other factors. That’s why you should note that the space factor can dominate sized subwoofers.

Type Of Enclosures

  • Everyone needs a subwoofer enclosure, which is suitable to achieve performance and style bucket you choose will be the most influential factor to the kind of bass heard. Two types of enclosures are closed containers (sealed enclosure) and barrel with holes (Ported enclosure). Containers are designed bins completely airtight, while the cabinet has holes gouged a large air vents allow air to pass in and out of the box.
  • The difference between the sound coming from the sealed enclosures and enclosures with holes are sealed enclosures for bass “firm and precise,” while bin with holes can be heard “big wine”.
  • With this kind of sealed enclosures, the bass is often called “Sure”, which is the result of sensitivity or planar linear bass, elastic bass. This means that the entire bass spectrum, the signal output of the subwoofer in closed containers will slowly and steadily decreases as the lower bass notes without any sudden increase or decrease.

Enclosures with holes would be suitable for those who want more low-frequency output signal. With enclosures with holes, while the subwoofer cone moving forward, it will create a bass note. Then when cone moves backwards, it presses the air out of the hole of the speaker, which enhances bass output signal and reduces the air pressure in the tank to move the speaker cone to be more comfortable. This means you will have more signals from enclosures with holes rather than sealed enclosures same capacity. That’s why in the barrel with holes subwoofers are generally considered “larger listening”.

Containers have also been assessed loss, which is called heard louder. Holes of each barrel has a resonant frequency of specific adjustments, it is the frequency that the natural resonance of air through the hole. The air escapes through holes will enhance bass emitted by the subwoofer. The closer pitches frequency adjustment, strengthening the higher level – it is “acoustics” that people often talk about. Below the frequency adjustment of the subwoofer output signal is greatly reduced as in closed containers. Therefore, the frequency adjustment of the lower barrel, the barrel with holes subwoofer will comfortably generate deeper listening.

Speaker Power

  • Sound waves created by the bass note are often very large and subwoofer must use more energy to create sound waves. That is the only power that often amplifier (amp) external can provide.
  • When choosing to buy amplifiers to “pull” subwoofer, you should pay attention to the following two specifications: specification RMS power handling subwoofers and the top of the RMS power of the amplifier. RMS is the power that a speaker can handle continuous or an amplifier to be emitted continuously. The maximum power specification is the short pulse, which is not related to the interoperability between the subwoofer and amplifier.

The Capacity Of The Car Speaker

With power, the rule is easy to remember as much as possible. Indeed, you could damage the subwoofer if it provides less power supply like in the case of a car trying to climb a steep hill too high. If V-8 automobiles with large machines, it can climb easily. Meanwhile, if small vehicles only 3-cylinder machines, vehicles will attempt to climb and be warm.