Why Does The Camping Cot Stand Out, Compared With Other Sleeping Platforms?

It is extremely important to select one best out of all sleeping platforms when we go camping. There is a wide variety of choices for you such as camping cot, sleeping bag, air mattress, inflatable pads, foam pads, camping hammock, mummy bags, zip – together bags and rectangular bags.

However, what is more outstanding? The camping cot is said to gain more advantages over any other type of sleeping platforms. In this article, we are bringing you more evidences which prove the best cot for camping is awesome.

Sleeping Platforms

This first part is about to point out the weaknesses of sleeping platforms so that you will be able to make a more objective decision.

  • Air Mattress

When using an air mattress, you have to prepare a carpet for it to prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the mattress. If you just place it on the ground, the thorns or pointy objects may spoke into the air mattress and make it flat right away.

It is vital to pump the air mattress to keep in tension. Therefore, it requires you to prepare some more tools such as a mini pump. Aside from that, there are several weak points as follows.

  • An air mattress weighs much for you to carry out it
  • It requires a mini pump for a small mattress
  • It is inconvenient if two or more people sleep here
  • It is easy to be flat
  • Its ability to insulate temperature is not good
  • Inflatable Pads

An inflatable pad is similar to an air bed, especially its material so it can be easily spoked. The inflatable pads require being pumped with air so you still have to bring a pump when you go camping. In addition, this pad is thin. If you put it on the ground, the cold temperature of the ground can go through the pad and come to your back.

With an inflatable pad, you cannot go camping in the winter as it cannot ensure a good sleep and good health for you.

  • Camping Hammock

About hammock, you may think of a hammock for swinging baby to sleep. However, a camping hammock is different. It is made from thin cloth. You will have to hang it with 2 steady poles or 2 trees.

Besides, the sleeping space is not flat so it bends your bone structure easily. It is for one user only.

  • Sleeping Bags

Using a sleeping bag also has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, the sleeping bag has a limited size. It is also used for one camper only and you will feel the inconvenience when you are rolled in such small space.

Secondly, you will meet a lot of dangers if you are in this bag. For example, at night, strong wind can push you down the slope. More dangerous, you will not be aware of landslide as you are absolutely wrapped in the sleeping bag.

The Camping Cots

You can see a lot of advantages of a camping cot over any other platform above. Using a camping cot, you will be able to meet your demands and fulfill almost all the flaws of the mentioned above types. Here are more details.

Keep away from cold ground

  • Do not deform bone structures
  • Easy to get in and get out
  • Great sense of everything around
  • Just place it on the ground (not have to hang or make it steady with tools)
  • Folded legs make it easy for moving
  • Mattress can be attached and folded

With these advantages, each camper can feel satisfied with a camping cot. Almost all the worries about space and stability of their sleeping platform will be removed.

The last point about the camping cot is that its price is really reasonable. Clearly, it depends on the mattress material to define the price of the cot but it’s affordable whatever type of camping cot you select.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your sleep when you go to bed is significant and it has a direct influence on your health. Therefore, please consider carefully all the strong and weak points of a camping cot, compared with other platforms before you go camping.