What You Should Know About Headphones

You may have several headphones of different types at home but are you using them effectively? Do you feel satisfactory with their quality? Do you know how to repair them when it goes wrong with them? The answer can be yes or no.

Using headphones or “playing” with headphones is not simple because it depends on your knowledge about them. To make use of the best headphones under 100 the information bellow will be helpful for you.

The Anatomy Of A Headphone

In fact, nearly no one gets to know about parts of a headphone, let alone the inside details. However, doing this helps a lot in choosing and using the headphones effectively for the purposes. There are some main parts as bellows.

  • Headband And Slider

The headband covers half of your head when you wear an over –ear headphone. Nowadays, the in – ear, neck wrap and ear clip headphones have no headband. The headband is often wrapped with a leather layer which is soft and comfortable for our heads.

The slider is responsible for adjusting the length of the headband in order to make it fit the users’ half heads. The best material for headphone slider is duralumin. It is hard but very light.

  • Housing, Ear Pad, Fram And Driver

The headphone housing protects all the inside parts, including driver, fram and ear pad respectively. The housing is made of losid wood to have good quality. It is also good for the bass sound as wood can boost the bass.

The driver is and important part. It has a free edge and formed by micro fiber diaphragm. The driver helps to filter the sound as well as take responsibility of removing noises. Going after the driver, the frame is often made of magnesium.

The  ear pad is soft as it is covered by a leather layer. It is not a task of challenge to design the ear pad as it should fit people’s ear. Some headphones have bad design for the ear pad so users often feel pain in their ears when wearing the headphones.

  • Cable And Plug

The cable is often long but it should not be too long for the reason that it can cause rolling cable. The plug is covered by an aluminum layer. It is the end of the headphone cable.

Understanding the parts of the headphone, you will know how to use them carefully. For example, if the headphone cable is long, you ought to have a tie to tie them after using or even while using.

Great Benefits Of A Headphone

Using a headphone is ideal for almost all people as we all like listening to music or playing game and some people use the headphones for their specialized work. In this part, we’ll tell you the greatest benefits of using a headphone.

  • Boost Concentration

In fact, listening to sounds with headphones can boost your concentration to the sounds. If you listen to them with a pair of speakers, you will hear noises around you, which distracts your ears and you cannot focus on the sound as your maximum level.

Nevertheless, when you use headphones, almost all noises are removed and you can pay all your attention to the sound being played.

  • Make Your Brain Exercise

It is interesting that when you can focus to one sound, your brain will work at a higher intense. Your neurons will analyze the sound and stimulate your imagination. That’s when you make use of headphones.

  • Increase Relaxation

When you watch movies, play games or listen to music and wear headphones to listen to the sounds, you will feel the them more realistic. You seem to be immersing yourselves in the movie scenes, the games and the songs.

  • Reawake You Of Your Best Memories

Amazingly, when your ears receive sound with concentration, you can remind yourselves of happiness or sadness in your past. That helps you enhance your memories.

Bottom Line

As you see, there are a lot of things that a heaphone user should get to know if they want to boost the sound to the best. We hope that you will be able to take control over your own headphones. If there are any problems, please let us know.